J. Michael McNamara, CEO, Impact HealthJ. Michael McNamara, CEO
As the COVID-19 pandemic takes a heavy toll on people and public life, it has intensified employers’ need to prioritize employee health. And as things slowly get back to normal, employees must be brought back to the workplace in a safe and regulated manner. One of the ways employers can address this is via an employee wellness program. Impact Health, a leading healthcare service provider, successfully provides a range of comprehensive health and wellness programs that allow employees to proactively monitor their health and lead a more productive work life. The company is a leading provider of rapidly deployed, turn-key, onsite COVID-19 testing programs, with the capacity to serve events of every size—from small to large groups, across multiple locations. Impact Health provides services that cater to a diverse clientele, including private and government organizations.

In an interview with Manage HR Magazine, Michael McNamara, CEO of Impact Health, sheds light on the company’s programs that focus on their client’s employees’ health and wellness. The company introduces a cognitive health screening program that helps employees maintain productivity while empowering them to control their cognition and overall brain health. Impact Health is also successful in administering various testing and vaccination solutions that enable them to deliver COVID-19 testing programs, flu vaccination programs and, in the future, COVID-19 vaccination programs with high volume throughput.

Could you provide me with a brief overview of Impact Health?

Impact Health was founded in 1987 to focus on population health management, laboratory medi-cine, finance, and operations. We have been providing our services in the testing and immunization arena for over 34 years. In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we started to provide rapidly deployed, turn-key, onsite COVID-19 testing programs to state governments, federal agencies, Presidential and Congressional events, companies and private organizations across the country. We specialize in quickly deploying point-of-care rapid testing programs, where results are delivered to the participants within 30-60 minutes of the initial swab. The results are transmitted via a secure, HITRUST, HIPAA compliant portal customized for clients. Depending on a particular client’s needs, we administer various antibody tests, rapid tests, PCR tests, and more. We electronically connect to local County, State or CDC organizations (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) to coordinate the reporting of test results effectively, and quickly, and in a secure manner.

COVID-19 is our current priority. We also offer a range of healthcare services, including flu vaccina-tion; wellness screening for Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension; nutrition consulting; and cognitive screening. These services can be rapidly deployed to support the overall health and wellness of workplaces and communities.

Could you walk me through the process you follow to quickly and securely deliver the rapid test results for COVID-19?

We offer a wide variety of rapid result tests including molecular and antigen solutions. A participant usually registers through a portal dedicated to our client. There, they fill out information including name, CDC Questionnaire, execute a consent and authorization. The participant enters a username and secure password. They then schedule their testing appointment. At the time of the test, we verify the participant’s identity, administer the test (by performing a comfortable nasal swab) and then process at our onsite laboratory. When results are ready, we enter them into our data system via secure Cloud based network HIPAA secured HITRUST certified systems. An email is immediately sent to the participant advising them to log into their portal to retrieve their results. We strive to keep the line oving so that each person’s test only lasts a few minutes and results are delivered in in as little as 15 minutes depending on technology utilized.

To perform PCR tests, we partner with regional laboratories. The process is essentially the same from a patient’s experience except that after the sample is collected, it is delivered to our partner laboratories who process the PCR test. We then retrieve those results from the laboratory and deliver them to the participant electronically. Because of the strong partnerships and high quality of the lab we partner with, results are generally available within 24-48 hours.In addition to delivering results from our portal to our participants, we also offer a customer help desk where people can call to ask questions about the clinical process, check a pass word or user-name or obtain results. Participants can speak to clinicians, make an appointment to speak with a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant or Physician if they have questions about their test. Our deep bench of experienced healthcare providers offer support to participants by explaining test results and sharing additional CDC information.

In the light of the COVID pandemic, we started to provide rapidly deployed, turn-key, onsite COVID-19 testing programs to state governments, Federal agencies, Presidential and Congres-sional events, companies and private organizations across the country. Our aim is to help organiza-tions safely bring people back together

Our Chief Medical Officer, Benjamin Gerson, reviews laboratory processes including validating tests that we offer and approves our protocols to ensure our service quality. In addition to reporting results directly to participants, we also offer our clients a wide variety of management reporting options. The test results are sent to the CDC, and other state and local health authorities as required.

What are the key differentiating factors of Impact Health?

We have been serving our clients for 33 years as a CLIA Licensed Laboratory providing In-Field Point of Care Testing. Impact Health continues to expand our capabilities and geographic scope. We strive to keep our clients happy and satisfied once they engage with us. We are capable of replicating our clinical capabilities nationwide. To perform such clinical tasks, we must follow the protocols mandated by various state and federal laboratory and clinical entities.

Many of the devices we use for COVID-19 Testing are very sensitive. Training is provided to our technicians, nurses, and clinicians on an ongoing basis. We are incredibly proud of our team who have been on the front line during the pandemic.

We have a network of over 7,000 trained nurses and healthcare professionals nationwide. We con-tinue to grow our administrative support with the latest technology and innovations. We plan to hire and train close to 10,000 clinicians by December, to meet testing and vaccination needs. We can handle any client size and administer CDC guidelines while working with employers to ensure a safer working environment. We provide screening for entry and safety at large events, gatherings, and rallies by deploying the latest technologies for testing participants.

We are constantly investing in technology. This includes not only identifying and onboarding the best test equipment, but also using technology to enhance the experience and security of our pro-grams and giving our staff the best tools available.

Could you narrate an instance highlighting the benefits brought to one of your clients after they approached you?

When MGM Resorts International announced a comprehensive plan to facilitate the safe return of meetings and conventions at the company’s properties in Las Vegas and throughout the country, they partnered with us to deploy a rapid, portable, molecular, point-of-care COVID-19 test. We helped them successfully implement the program and delivered the test results within 30 minutes, allowing their customers, who include conventions and other event organizers, to create a secure perimeter for their events and exhibitions.