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Top 10 Corporate Wellness Solution Companies - 2021

Many big firms have chosen to build their own sophisticated on-site facilities for their staff as corporate wellness programs have become increasingly required in the business sector. However, many individuals and businesses indicate that their wellness programs are underutilized on a regular basis, reducing their impact. When technology makes tracking health easier, workplace wellness programs seem to make sense.

Wearable devices like the Fitbit and Apple Watch, as well as connected devices like smart scales and wifi and Bluetooth, connected blood glucose and blood pressure monitors, are frequently used in corporate wellness technology to track activity, compliance with healthcare regimens, and medication adherence. Some devices are built to work in unison with human wellness coaches who utilize software to track employees’ progress toward health and fitness goals, including reducing blood pressure and blood glucose levels, losing weight, or exercising a specific amount.

The term “financial wellbeing” is becoming more prevalent in connection with wellness software. Financial wellbeing modules and apps assist employees in making healthy financial decisions such as saving, debt reduction, and retirement plan management. Employers also see corporate wellness technology as part of a plan to curb rising healthcare expenses.

At this juncture, various Corporate Wellness Solution Providers and Corporate Wellness Service Companies are entering the market to cater to the different needs of enterprises. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Manage HR has compiled a list of the most promising corporate wellness solution providers and service companies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders on industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you ManageHR’s “Top 10 Corporate Wellness Solution Providers - 2021, Top 10 Corporate Wellness Service Companies - 2021.”

    Top Corporate Wellness Solution Companies

  • Freedom 365 is the world's first interactive, Virtual Recovery System providing 365-days of addiction support and recovery strategy. Description (Online): Freedom 365 is the world's first interactive, Virtual Recovery System providing 365-days of addiction support and recovery strategy. Freedom 365 helps companies uniquely tackle mental illness and substance use disorder related issues through an application, designed to lower costs and inconvenience while keeping the stigma at bay. The application takes the content and activities of the substance use recovery program and delivers it in a convenient, interactive 365-day digital experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any digital device. By supporting the privacy and anonymity of users

  • Balance By Nature

    Balance By Nature

    Balance by Nature is an award-winning corporate health & wellness consulting firm that develops wellness programs to help employees thrive. They take a consultative approach to designing and managing corporate wellness programs by first gaining an in-depth understanding of your unique culture and work environment, and then gathering employee feedback to determine what elements your wellness program should include. This allows them to tailor a wellness solution for your employees with high levels of participation and engagement

  • BSDI


    BSDI is an award-winning leader in health promotion technology located in Califon, NJ. They take pride in their 25 years of experience producing feature rich, flexible technologies that cultivate daily lifestyle habits to improve population health. BSDI's comprehensive and highly configurable health promotion portal, Motivation Alliance, gives you the power to make positive change. If you are looking for something beyond a one-size-fits all approach to wellness programming, visit us online at to learn more about our flexible solutions

  • HPN WorldWide

    HPN WorldWide

    HPN Worldwide provides websites, tools, wellness screenings and more for health, wellbeing and other shared goals. they serve and provide support to individuals, families, and leaders of employers, unions, hospitals, health systems, communities and other groups for success with health, safety, wellbeing, growth and other shared goals - such as those for bouncing back from COVID-19 as soon as possible. They have served and helped individuals and families of over 1,000 employers, unions, hospitals, health systems, communities and other groups

  • PDHI


    PDHI is a technology company that develops and distributes the ConXus Platform for delivering wellness and health management programs. Wellness providers, health systems, health plans, and large employers license the ConXus Platform to deliver comprehensive private-labeled wellness programs. Solutions are delivered using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that allows rapid deployment and access to capacity based on need. Clients can configure modules to match program design for each end client or workplace. ConXus solutions are scalable and flexible, driving process efficiency and project control for clients

  • Total Brain

    Total Brain

    Total Brain is a mental health and brain performance self-monitoring and self-care platform. Total Brain enables self-monitoring of the 12 brain capacities that define mental health, 2 mental states, and the risk of common mental health conditions. Total Brain also offers a self-care program made up of positive psychological tools, brain training tools, and breath and meditation tools and courses that help individuals maximize their mental health. With Total Brain, individuals can improve their self-awareness and brain performance, and companies can achieve better health outcomes, lower pharmaceutical claims, and improve employee performance and productivity

  • Vida Health

    Vida Health

    Vida is a virtual care company that combines a human-centric approach with technology to address chronic and co-occurring physical and behavioral health conditions. We provide personalized chronic condition management combined with health coaching and therapy through a mobile and online platform that supports individuals in managing and significantly improving conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, anxiety, etc. Our platform integrates deeply individual expert care with machine learning and remote monitoring to deliver lasting behavior change, health outcomes and cost savings

  • Virgin Pulse

    Virgin Pulse

    Virgin Pulse is passionate about changing lives and businesses for good. They want to make a difference in the world by helping people be their best, every day, at work and home. Their people drive their business and their culture reflects that. As an organization, they focus on three core values: One Team One Dream, We Deliver, and Live and Breathe It. They understand that their diversity is their strength, they have a responsibility to innovate and lead the industry, and they embody a culture of health and wellbeing that inspires their clients as well as their own employees

  • Vitality Group

    Vitality Group

    Vitality is a leading behavior change platform which uses the power of incentives, data and behavioral economics to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. Vitality has achieved global scale through successful partnerships with leading insurers and the most forward-thinking employers around the world. More than 20 million people in 30 markets engage in the Vitality program. Vitality Group is responsible for the global expansion of the Vitality Shared-Value Insurance model using the capabilities of Discovery and its network. Vitality was founded 20 years ago by Discovery Limited – a leading financial services company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

  • Wellness 360

    Wellness 360

    Wellness360 is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) wellness technology platform. They provide private label comprehensive population health management solutions to Healthcare Providers, Payers, Benefits Brokers, Wellness Companies and Employers. For organizations with little or no programs in place, Wellness 360 can be the turnkey solution to implement and manage a best-in-class program. For organizations that are further along, Wellness 360 can take the 'pieces' they currently have in place and mold those pieces into a cohesive solution that will create long-term behavior modification. Wellness 360 customized incentive programs truly modify behavior. Their programs are data driven with verifiable results

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